Athena Glass Balustrade Fitting Range

Our Athena Glass Balustrade Fitting range is great for providing a cost effective solution on contemporary glass balustrade designs. We provide a selection of glass balustrade adapters and balustrade glass clamps.

All Glass Balustrade Fittings and Glass Clamps are provided in Grade 316 stainless steel as standard, suitable for external applications and most adverse conditions (including marine environments). The Balustrade Glass Clamps are provided with a number of options including brushed/satin or a polished/mirrored finish, Semi-Circular (ā€˜Dā€™ Shaped) or Square design and with or without security pins for unsupported glass designs.

Our Glass Balustrade Clamps are designed to be utilised in both square (flat) and circular post/aperture arrangements. The Glass Adapters and Glass Clamps in this range can also be utilsed in other applications where a clamp fitting is required, with no preparation/drilling to the glass.

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